Review: Welcome To Nowhere (Bullet Hole Road)
“Have you ever wondered what would happen if Gregory Crewdson, Sam Shepard, and Cory McAbee took mescaline at a roadside motel and got freaky with a video camera?”…….Don’t over think things. Simply follow these instructions:
— Shut out the world
— Turn off the lights
— Turn up the speakers
— Press play
— Bonus: if you want to smoke something beforehand, well, that honestly might not be a bad idea”

Last 10 minutes of Newyorkland (2012)


Approaching Assemblage Nov 20, 2011
by Caitlin S

“Newyorkland aims to address the subject of police work and more explicitly to examine the experiences of those who serve…..The successes of Newyorkland, and there are many including the sound design and a core of quiet, desperately, beautiful performances, reminded me that our tools are unmatched in their poetic ability to uproot and unsettle and that in this moment, we must demand nothing less.”
A performance by Temporary Distortion. Filmed by




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